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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

.aku nak nombor neyhhh.

lets pick an ideal phone number based on 7 letters of ur name.

like my name ; NUR FARAHIN .
contains 10 letters .
exclude the NUR .
left with 7 letters which are FARAHIN .
just nice !
in malaysia, our handphone number contains 10 numbers right ?.
we ignore the 3 numbers in front .
just look for the 7 numbers behind .
its must be based on ur NAME oke .
deal !

FARAHIN = 3272446

done ! simple aite ?
hehe xP
anyone using this number ?
but i want only either 017/012 in front .
thee ^___^

he got 7 letters in his name .

IZUDDIN = 4983346

done !
go and look for the number n make it yours.
lalalaa ~

whats bout yours ?

beshh kan kalo nombor telefon kite based on our name.
very meaningful ;)

8 bantah cakap cikgu:

Fina Fento said...

maknanya saya kena cari no johor :P


fendi_scropio said...

malas nak pikir ape..kui2

kaizen shinobi said...

ape ag? g r maxis, beli cepat! haha

kembatolo™ said...

name aku jd contoh?hahaha..
apsal tak best je no uh:(

I n n z said...

@Fina Fento

haha~ cepat cariiik xP

I n n z said...


erk ?
oke3 xP

I n n z said...

@kaizen shinobi

kot ado.
malas ah. lalalaa ~

I n n z said...


sbb name kau jeh yg ade 7 huruf ;p