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Monday, March 22, 2010

.gud morning every one.

it now 1048am.
i just woke up for about an hour before.
ngee ;D

i've set my alarm at 730 am.
but as usual.
as i heard its ringing.
i switch it off.
really buggings me.
hehe ;)

when i was surfing the internet half an hour ago.
someone knocks my door.
and i heard a ladies' gaga voice.
but it sounds like 'mak-mak gitu'.
i bet she's my fellow, who usually came in to check our room.
but the best things is, she never check our electrical appliances whether we registered or not.
lucky me ;p
(i'm not registering my lappy. =p)

and ya, she's my cute fellow
madam asiah.

"hye.. gud morning." says with a sweet smile ;)
"ouh. yah, gud morning.." i was like blurr. (baru bgn en)
"do u encounter any problems ?"
"err. but lately there's a few kittens keep coming in to my room.ade satu hari tuh.tibe-tibe dah ade bawah katil,"
"ouh. kucing. ade org bg mkn ke?"
"ade rasenye. and the door tak leyh nk rapat sgt. dunno why,"
"ouh mslh kucing je lah ek."
"oke la. gud luck for your exam. thank you," with a sweet smile again.

she's cute!

as at my fb status
"i tend to speak in english eventhough she/he is a malay. damn !"

is it true that Yanie Mentor had passed away ?
some says she already passed away last late evening.
but ade blogger ckp yanie is in critical.
mane betul ?

i dun like to speak in english.
u can see many grammatical (tah cene eja) erorr everywhere.

7 bantah cakap cikgu:

Nurul_HaWa♥ said...

what i can say is that, ur english has shown the improvement!!
btul ke ayat aku nie??
argh..grammar salah lantak la wei..

tehais said...

Baguih la try2 cakap omputih..saya malas...hehhh

I n n z said...

org bace.

tapi ade aku kesah ?
haha !

Nurul_HaWa♥ said...

aku x kesah.
pedulik ape kan.

lantak ko la.

I n n z said...

tehais : sy pun mls. hehe ;p

hawa :eh dah2. g study. aku nk smbg tdo. hahaa.

Eazy Izzuddin said...


sayeJAJA said...

pektis make fluent innz.
gud luck!~