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Saturday, August 29, 2009

.hafalan UNGS 2030.

  • is an english translation of the german 's word "weltanschauung""
  • its rendered in arabic as "ru'yat al islam lil al wujud"
  • a set of attitude on a wide range of fundamentals matters
  • comprehensive set of propositions about various aspect in the world


  • help us to noe people n culture comprehensively
  • help us to interact with nature
  • help us to correct our own values perspective,attitudes n behavior
  • help us to formulate theories of politics sociology

islamic worldview

  • metaphysical survey of visible n unvisible world
  • encompasses both al dunya an al akhirah
  • al dunya linked to al akhirah
  • al akhirah aspect has ultimate n final significance

main elements

conception of

  • god
  • revelation
  • god's creation
  • man n the psychology of human soul
  • knowledge
  • religion
  • freedom
  • values n virtues
  • happinesss


  • provide true knowledge n explation of seen n unseen world
  • teach people the way to achieve main values of islam in human life's
  • establish the fundamental ethical percepts

western perception

  • rely on existing,reality,experiences n life
  • didnt give much consideration to the issues of unseen world n hereafter
  • consider it as assumption
  • consider it as a product of culture n experience

philosophical worldview

  • uses logical,induction,deduction,mathematical n speculation
  • much more wider in its scope
  • more comprehensive than scientific world view
  • deals with issues of philosopical n metaphysical world

religious worldview

  • consider both seen n unseen world
  • comprehensive in its perception of world
scientific worldview
  • based on premises n finding science
scientific (positive n negative)
  • findings exact n authentic but only apply to certain part of our existence
  • allows human's reasons to exercie its ability but not capable providing comprehensive explaination
  • allows man to discover many laws n pattern of god in the universe
  • failed to protect man n nature from destruction
  • failed to give meaning to life n existence

general overview of islam

  • derives from salm/silm meaning subbmission,surrender,safety/protection n peace
  • stand for complete submission n obidience to allah
  • religion of allah n revelaed to mankind

meaning of islam

  • submission of whole creation to its creator
  • submission of human being to the guidance of god thru prophets
  • submission of human being to the guidance of god thru prophet muhammad
  • submission of the follwers of prophet muhammad to god

al iman

  • safety n security
  • thru heart,tongue n action
  • believe in
  • god
  • angels
  • propethood
  • books
  • hereafter
  • predestination

al ihsan

  • worship to allah as you see him or if u dun see him,he is seeing u
  • fear of allah
  • linked to the perfect n correct religion
  • most perfect person in religion is called muhsin (do things in beautiful manners)


  • fear of allah,piety,rightenouss,dutifulness,god-wariness
  • derived from arabic word,waqa means to guard or protect against something
  • inspired into the soul of man by allah
  • one's have taqwa has wariness of sin n which is dubious

main characteristic

divine nature of islam

  • origin from god
  • based on concept of the unity of god
  • named by god
  • unity of lordship,worship n names n attributes


  • covers all aspects of life
  • deals with spiritual n materials,seen n unseen world.dunia n akhirah,social,economic,politics.....


  • to all mankind
  • unity of religion within a diversity of cultures n ways of implementing the teaching of islam


  • each aspects of human's life is balance
  • material,social spiritual,clutural n intellectual are treated in balance manner


  • theory that physical matter/fundamental reality is the only result of the matter
  • excludes the existence of entities
  • two main target is : theism n dualistic
  • negates the existence of all that doesnt fall within the framework of change
  • not perceivable by sense organs


  • trend to shift modern paradigm to a new paradigm
  • belief that individuals are merely construct of social forces
  • no transcendent truth that can be known
  • claims that address the sense of despair an fragmentation of modernism

principles of characteristic

  • no absolute truth
  • no reality
  • only simulacrum
  • meaningless n valueless
  • total doubt
  • multiplicities truth
  • equal representation for class gender sexual orientation


  • derived from latin,saeculum (present age,this world)
  • defined as the liberation of man from religious n metaphysical tutelage

components of secularism

disenhancement of nature

  • freeing of nature from its religious overtones
  • nature is not a divine entity
  • provide an absolute conditions for the development of natural sciences


  • no rules by divine right

deconsecration of values

  • disappearance of securely grounded values
  • no longer the direct expression of divine will
  • have ceased to be value and have become valutions

nota kepala : otak da biol menghafal tp tak hafal2 ag. adOiiiii