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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

.for u.

i'm not sure whether u read my blog or not
but i'm sure
u do come here ;)
i don't know how supposely i repay u
u're too kind to me
even i make mistake
u forgive me
u said "that's ok. its normal"
sometimes i feel like
i'm not suitable to be with you
i do voice it out to you
but u said that
i'm such a nuisance
haha !
i love you dear
i can't ask for more
u're the best !
thx for everything :)
i hope to be with you forever
Just for you : Dena L

2 bantah cakap cikgu:

Dakjaat™ said...

heheheh.. takpe2.. nak kata lebih takleh lak .. ur life ur decision .. :)

so selamat menjalani percintaan .. :)

I n n z said...

percintaan ?
haha !