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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

.specially dedicated to my girls.

i bet everyone do have their own bestfriend
so do i
my girls is everything
they were second in my life after my family

once upon a time
i had loudly spoke to my friend
"i dun need a fren to accompany me. i can live on my own"
i'm wrong
live without frenz is empty
swear !

yana, hanum...
i'm sorry for everything i did wrong
human makes mistakes
i'm sorry guys

p/s : i luv u :)

2 bantah cakap cikgu:

eyena said...

chak!! lama tak lepak sini..windu lak..udak tecik apa kabo ni.. heee jga diri bebaik key..

I n n z said...

hee :)
kabO bek je :D
oryte2 :D